Big Give Champions for Children is now OPEN!

Today is the day... our Champions for Children page is now live, and any donation (up to £12,000) received this week will be matched! That means double the donation, and twice the impact. Our ambitious overall target is £24,000, which will make a huge difference to the number of children we are able to support with our next round of Scholarships.

Click here to see a specially recorded video message from our CEO, Chrissy Kinsella, about this campaign. 

Had it not been for a global pandemic, we would have been at The May Fair Hotel yesterday, holding our annual fundraising lunch with the Mayor of London and special guests. This is our main fundraising event of the year, and last year we raised close to £100,000. Without this major event in our calendar our Scholarships Fund is at risk; in order to award a full cohort of Scholarships in the coming year, we still need to raise a further £200,000, so your help is very much needed.

As we have been unable to hold our fundraising lunch, it is incredibly fortunate that the Champions for Children campaign falls in exactly the same week. We invite you to make a donation, put on some music, and enjoy a celebratory lunch of your own today! Here are some pictures of last year's lunch to get you in the spirit.