Terrific Trombones!

As mid-year reports have come in, we have been struck by the amazing number of outstanding trombonists among our Scholars! Luke from Sutton is our current Scholar of the Month – you can read all about him here. He is one of 11 current trombone Scholars. The trombone is not a common instrument for students of primary school age to learn and it’s not easy, so we are very proud to be supporting several exceptional young trombonists. Perhaps they will inspire others to try the instrument!

David, Age 11, Bromley, 2018-22
David is an outstanding Scholar who has made excellent progress, now playing at Grade 6 standard. He is a talented trombonist and a conscientious student. He is mastering both tenor and treble clefs on the trombone, and now plays in the second-tier symphony orchestra at BYMT, enjoying the challenge of playing with much older musicians. He also performs as a soloist and will be entering the BYMT soloist competition later this term. In the words of David’s teacher:
“It is not often a brass pupil goes from Grade 3 to 6 in just over a year when still in Primary School, but David is one of those pupils. He has truly flourished since becoming an LMF scholar. He is such a joy to teach.”

David at one of our Playing Days last year

Catherine, Age 11, Croydon, 2017-21
In the words of her teacher, Catherine “can only be described as outstanding”. She has overcome physical breathing issues in playing the trombone; rather than let this limit her she has completely turned it around – her lung capacity has actually increased. This remarkable success is a credit to Catherine’s work ethic as well as her flare for the instrument. She achieved a distinction in her Grade 4 Trombone exam last term.

Jack, Age 11, Brent, 2018-22
Jack is a “fun and lively student” and an immensely reliable musician with great enthusiasm for the trombone. We were delighted to hear that Jack has been mentoring younger beginner trombone players in orchestra, teaching them slide positions for new notes and generally guiding them in the ensemble. His teacher said, “It is lovely to see Jack having the confidence to pass on his knowledge to younger players.”

Sophia, Age 11, Barnet, 2016-20
Sophia continues to make amazing progress and has been promoted to the Senior Band at BEAT Music Academy West. She is also doing very well at her new secondary school. Sophia is preparing for Grade 4 and her teacher expects her to do very well.

Sophia at her Awards Day in 2016

Naum, Age 11, Wandsworth, 2016-20
Naum has been a marvellous student throughout his Scholarship. He has a very stable embouchure and has a full two-octave range, very impressive for his age and the relatively small amount of time he has been learning. He will be taking his Grade 4 later this month. Naum’s teacher said:
"I have had the pleasure of teaching Naum for four years and have thoroughly enjoyed helping him develop from a complete beginner in year 3, to a confident, assured musician who clearly thrives in a musical environment. His passion and enjoyment for trombone playing is evident and the flamboyant nature of the instrument is well suited to his character.”

Sidney, Age 11, Croydon, 2018-22
Sidney continues to impress his teachers with his “outstandingly mature tone” on the trombone. He has established a dedicated practice regime and is blossoming into a fine trombonist. Sidney loves coming along to our Playing Days. We wish him the best of luck preparing for his Grade 2!

Sidney at our Wind & Brass Playing Day last year

Meet the 2019-23 Trombonists:

Natasha (10, from Newham) is thriving – she is really enjoying playing in the Newham Saturday ensembles and has made excellent progress already. Her teacher describes her as creative, enthusiastic and patient, and says she is always eager to help other pupils in her group.

Oliver (10, from Newham) has also made an excellent start to his Scholarship. His teacher describes him as a creative player who produces a lovely strong sound. Oliver is enjoying playing in his ensembles and has already performed several times.

Warda (10, from Hounslow) is showing herself to be a very dedicated musician with a natural flare for the trombone. She is on track to take her Grade 1 in the summer, and her teacher even thinks she may skip this and go straight to Grade 2 if her current rate of progress continues. She recently performed with the Hounslow Junior Brass Band at the Royal Festival Hall. Her teacher told us: “Warda’s technical ability is fantastic, and theoretical understanding is excellent too. She practices regularly and always puts in a lot of effort. She is a pleasure to teach.”

Warda, Natasha and Oliver at our Awards Day in September