Katie from Tower Hamlets Arts and Music Education Service is our October Scholar of the Month

Katie is 11 years old and plays the double bass. Since starting her Scholarship in 2015 she has made great progress, playing grade 2 pieces after starting at pre-grade 1 standard. She has made the most of all the opportunities that have come her way, including performing at some very exciting venues which we'll let her tell you about below! Katie's mum says "Becoming a [London Music Fund] Scholar has given Katie a lovely opportunity to learn an instrument in depth which is beneficial for learning other skills".

Q&A with Katie

Why did you decide to play the double bass?

I decided to play the double bass because I was offered the opportunity by my music teacher Anna to play it and I thought that was a really cool chance. When I started at my secondary school this year, I started playing the xylophone because I thought it was a fun instrument to play, and I had already bought one as I already wanted to play the xylophone. 

Has your scholarship taken you to some cool places? If so, where?

Playing the double bass has taken me to many special places like York Hall, Royal Festival Hall, City Hall, the Scoop with the school choir, Spitalfields where I sang Christmas carols and raised money for the homeless with my school choir, and the Barbican were I enjoyed it the most because it is a really popular place and I would really really love to play there again. The latest place I played was last week at my secondary school, for the year 6 open evening; I played my bass in an orchestra and I also sang in the choir.

What music do you like playing the most?

I don't have a favourite type of music to play but if I had to choose I would choose classical music because it fits the double bass and the way it sounds.

If you could perform alongside someone famous who would it be? Or what musician do you look up to?

I don't look up to a musician but if I could perform alongside any musician it would be Adele because she is such a good singer and musician.

Has the LMF scholarship enabled you to have new opportunities?

The scholarship has enabled me to have many amazing opportunities like (as I have said before) playing at the Barbican and I am now a music scholar at my secondary school. I have also had my picture taken and BLOWN UP and put on banners in India!!!

What advice would you give scholars who are about to start their scholarship?

You have been chosen By YOUR teacher because your teachers have seen great potential in you and one day hope that you become a famous musician :-)