Nathan from Newham Music Hub is our August Scholar of the Month

Nathan is aged 9 and plays the Drum Kit. Since he began his scholarship in September 2016 Nathan has made fantastic progress from grade 2 to 4 and has already made the most of the opportunities available to him. Nathan came to City Hall for his Awards Day last September; he came to our April Playing Day at Royal Festival Hall, represented us at the Barbican at ABRSM’s Shine 2017 event and is taking part in the Centre for Young Musicians holiday course this summer! Nathan’s Mum: ‘The Scholarship has made a huge difference to Nathan, it makes him work harder, be more focused and disciplined and try to act as a role model to others.’

Q&A with Nathan

Why did you decide to play the Drums/Percussion?

I didn’t decide to start playing drums/percussion, it just happened. I was told I loved drumming anything in front of me, from a very early age. Mum said I loved exploring different sounds. People told my parents they should get me a drum kit, but my Aunt bought me a SpongeBob drum kit for my 2nd birthday and things have progressed from there. I love to play lots of instruments, but I just love drums the best.

Has your scholarship taken you to some fun places?

Yes, it has. I’ve only been a scholar for a year, and have been to the City Hall (the Mayor’s Office) and the Royal Festival Hall for scholar playing days.

What style of music do you like playing the most?

I love playing Rock, Hip Hop and Gospel music the most.

Do you have a favourite percussion instrument?

My favourite percussion instrument is the drum kit or the snare. I love the snare because you can play things from Drum-line.

If you could perform alongside someone famous who would it be? Or what musician do you look up to?

I would love to play alongside Will.I.AM and Bruno Mars. I look up to both of them and Ed Sheeran. They are all very creative musicians.

Has the LMF scholarship enabled you to have new opportunities?

Yes, the LMF scholarship has given me the opportunities to be a part of other programmes and events, such as SHINE 2017 and the CYM holiday course.

What advice would you give scholars who are about to start their scholarship?

My advice to new Scholars would be: Try your best, have fun and keep on practising.