Christyvie from Camden is our October Scholar of the Month

11 year old Christyvie started her Scholarship in 2019, and plays the drum kit and orchestral percussion, as well as the trombone. She is a talented musician and a dedicated Scholar who has made excellent progress already.

Prior to lockdown she was learning the scales and pieces on the Grade 2 tuned percussion Trinity syllabus and was playing a variety of percussion instruments in the Camden Sinfonia. She was part of a small percussion ensemble who performed on stage at the Royal Albert Hall as part of the Camden Schools’ Music Festival in March. Christyvie was promoted to the Camden Percussion Ensemble last year, which is a very unusual achievement for a musician still at primary school!

During the pandemic Chistyvie has been having online lessons and practising technical exercises on the two drums she has at home. Her percussion teacher told us, “I have been extremely impressed by her excellent attitude to learn and natural musical ability.” Her trombone teacher, who has also been teaching her online since the spring, said “Christyvie is a talented musician who shows great promise.” Both teachers commented on her secure sight-reading skills, excellent ear, and quick ability to learn new things. Christyvie is clearly making the most of the opportunities offered to her by the Scholarship, and is making great progress as a result.

Christyvie has now started Year 7, and we know her secondary school is very lucky to have such a talented and dedicated young musician! We are proud to call her a LMF Scholar, and we look forward to hearing how she gets on over the coming term.

Christyvie practising at home.

We asked Christyvie a few questions:

Why did you decide to play the drums?

Well, I used to go to percussion club after school. And my teachers as well as me noticed that I was enjoying drumming (and percussion in general). So I signed up for extra drumming lessons and I have been getting better and better as time goes on. I have learnt so much since I first started, like the paradiddle, flams, and phrases like 'flats in Dagenham' to remember rhythms and beats.

What has been your coolest musical experience so far?

The coolest experience that has happened in my whole musical life has been when I first got my Scholarship. I am so thankful to my sponsors. They should be praised for giving me the opportunity to reach for my music achievements because they are part of why this all happened. So thank you to all my sponsors.

Do you have a musical role model or someone who inspires you?

Yes, the first person that comes to my mind with this question is Mrs Pryce (my primary school drum teacher). She is really sweet and nice. If at one point you need help, she would help you. And, another role model that comes to my mind is my cousin, Blesseed. He plays the drum at church, really well with a lot of talent. I could learn a lot from him.

How have you found online lessons, ensembles and playing during the pandemic?

I think playing my music during the pandemic was really fun. Especially making noise. It was really nice to play music to get your mind off of the hard times going around right now. I have done trombone lessons and drum lessons. It was nice to see my teachers again because I haven't seen them in a few months.

What are you most proud of about this year?

I am most proud of getting my Scholarship, all my concerts that I have done (Camden Youth Choir, CamJam Voices, Philamonic Band concerts), I am also very proud of my teachers for teaching me to get to this stage (Mrs Waller-Box & Mrs Pryce).

What do you hope to achieve through the rest of your Scholarship?

I would like to inspire other people to start playing drums, whether they are experienced or not. Just give it a try! Another goal I would like to achieve is to get to Grade 3 by September next year.

“Wow what can I say ... thank you so much to my family, my primary school and the London Music Fund. I am so grateful for all the opportunities I am getting. I would also like to thank God for getting me through this.” Christyvie, age 11.