Meet our Scholar, Shemol from Haringey

Life hasn’t always been easy for Shemol, but he has used music as an effective way to excel in something he’s passionate about.

The ten-year-old from North London is from a single parent family. He, his mum, and his younger sister have been living in temporary accommodation in the last couple of years after being made homeless.

Shemol began teaching himself by watching people play on YouTube videos and then replaying the music himself. He started performing the songs he had taught himself at events at school, at his local church. He then started playing the guitar at school at 10 years old in a class of 30. His musical flair clearly stood out and his teacher recommended that he should receive individual music lessons.

Music has helped Shemol to increase his confidence and self-esteem, but without the support of the Mayor's Music Fund he wouldn’t be able to have guitar lessons.

Kimberlee says: “Music has really helped to stimulate Shemol. It helps to bring out whatever emotion he is feeling. It has improved his concentration, given him courage and confidence to be in front of a crowd and taught him perseverance…Shemol’s ability goes to show, that talent can come from any household, regardless of class or ethnicity.”

Shemol said: “Listening to music is good but playing songs on my instruments is even better! Having lessons at school has helped improve my reading, and I’m looking forward to making new friends, having fun and playing in front of people at concerts as a result of the Mayor’s Music Fund.”

Case study reprinted with kind permission of ABRSM