Haverstock Sinfonia

Camden Music Service joined forces with the Royal Academy of Music, and the Young Persons Concert Foundation to create the Haverstock Sinfonia. This project supported children beyond the first stage of learning, and provided them with a progression route in to a new ensemble within the local area.

Parents and school staff were involved with the aim of improving social development and supporting the often difficult transition from secondary to primary school. Students from the Royal Academy of Music were involved, acting as mentors and role models to the pupils.

Oompah Brass

This project with Waltham Forest and Redbridge Music Service addressed the a specific gap in provision in the boroughs, around the takeup of brass instruments. and addressed the teaching and development of brass playing in both boroughs. It aimed to inspire a generation of students to continue their musical studies.

With professional performances, one to one and small group tuition as well as student performances throughout the year, the aim is thatOompah Brass will be the catalyst of change for Brass students in these boroughs.

Band on the Run

Band on the Run created a 10 week Wind Band teaching programme programme with children aged 8-9 years old which bridged the gap between Whole Class Ensemble Teaching and long term musical tuition. To bring this about Bromley Youth Music Trust worked with the Symphonic Brass of London, St Barnabas Church and Warwick Music Group. Their ultimate aim was to create a comprehensive methodology that can be shared with all colleagues across London Music Hubs and nationally. Band on the Run also gained significant head teacher support which emphasised that music should be in the curriculum and not confined to lunchtimes or after school club. Since the project ended, 65% of children who took part have confirmed they would like to continue learning, and the ensemble will continue to meet and rehearse, now with school senior management and governor support.