R'wan from Brent is our November Scholar of the Month

13 year old R’wan is a very talented trumpeter from Brent, and one of our 2018-22 Scholars. It has been so inspiring watching R’wan progress and thrive over the last two years. He is an enthusiastic and dedicated musician who makes the most of every opportunity.

When R’wan started his Scholarship, he was already approaching Grade 4 standard after just two years of learning. Now halfway through, R’wan has achieved a distinction for Grade 6, among a multitude of other achievements! R’wan is a model Scholar and we are incredibly proud to support him.

In his end of year report, his teacher wrote:

“R'wan is a model student and his love for the trumpet shines through in his playing. I have no doubt that if R’wan wished to take up music professionally he would succeed. He is reliable in every aspect of playing and is the first to volunteer should an ensemble need support. He is a very humble individual, a wonderful quality in a musician. R’wan never misses lessons, he is always punctual and an absolute delight to teach. I would like to congratulate R’wan with the progress he made during lockdown. Another outstanding year!”

We are so excited to follow the rest of R'wan's journey and find out where music will take him next. He certainly has a bright future ahead of him. Bravo R'wan!

R'wan at one of our 2019 Playing Days

We asked R’wan a few questions...

Why did you decide to play trumpet and what do you like about it?

“In 2016, Brent Music Service provided my primary school with music taster sessions for trumpet. At the end of term we were tested and the top 10 were allowed to continue.  Unfortunately,  I had not been picked but I really wanted to play trumpet so I asked if I could still join. I had to wait for someone to drop out which meant I was then able to join. I was so happy to play the trumpet. I really love the sound the trumpet makes and the fact it can be played in almost any genre of music. "

Has your Scholarship taken you to any cool places or introduced you to any inspiring musicians?

“Being part of the London Music Fund has allowed me to participate in the different 'play days' where we get to work with different musicians and also meet the other Scholars, which I really enjoy. Sadly, because of covid 19, my two huge events I was looking forward to performing at this year (Wembley Arena in July and Royal Albert Hall in October) were both cancelled. 

Although I already knew both; the musicians who inspire me are Mr Francis (my primary school music teacher: who nominated me for this Scholarship,) and Mrs Gardner (my trumpet teacher who always helps and encourages me to achieve my best), I wouldn't be playing trumpet if it wasn't for all their help, support, inspiration and cheering me on throughout. Thank you.

Also; I got to be part of a zoom meeting (NYJO) with Ingrid Jenson. She answered all my questions, via messaging, I felt really honoured and happy. She really encouraged me and gave some great tips to keep progressing."

What is your proudest musical moment so far?

"My proudest moment so far has to be when I was a runner up for the Brent Junior Musician of the year.  When I registered,  I never thought I would get in, I just thought it would be fun to try. Then it was announced that I was to proceed to the finals. I was so happy and shocked. Although I was really nervous, it was alot of fun. I am also proud that even though this year has been a bit weird,  I was still able to achieve a grade 6 distinction with my trumpet. "

What are your musical goals for the next year and beyond?

"I would like to complete my grade 7 trumpet by summer 2021 so that I would only have one more grade left. I want to join the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra.  I have always wanted to play in the Royal Albert Hall since I started playing trumpet,  so I will keep trying until I do.  I like to encourage other children to play and enjoy music because it's so much fun, you get to meet so many different musicians and play in some amazing places.  I'd also like to perform with Mr Francis as that would be incredibly cool.

"Thank you very much for supporting me with the scholarship and all the amazing opportunities." – R’wan Robertson-Yebovi