Elicia from Havering is our August Scholar of the Month

This month we are celebrating another of our 2016-20 Scholars: 12-year-old Elicia, a violinist from Havering.

Elicia was nominated for a Scholarship at the age of seven, because she clearly loved playing in her beginner violin group at primary school and showed real natural talent, both musically and technically on the instrument. Elicia has had a wonderful four years as a Scholar. She has always enjoyed coming to our Playing Days and can be relied on to arrive with a beaming smile on her face!

In her mid-year report this year, Elicia’s violin teacher told us her bow control and sound quality were very strong for her age and level of experience. In February, she was beginning to explore new hand positions and was developing her intonation. Elicia has good aural and sight-reading skills as well as an impressive grasp of technique.

It was sometimes difficult for Elicia to get to her lessons, so for her there has been a positive side to the move to online tuition. Her mentor at Havering Music Service said: “Elicia has been a delight. She has really blossomed through lockdown. She has been taking an active part in the rehearsals and choirs that we have had online, and her zoom lessons have been going well. She is very musical and is working on Grade 3.”

We asked Elicia some questions about her experience as a Scholar:

What three words would you use to describe your LMF Scholarship?

The three words I would use are incredible, amazing and tremendous because being a LMF Scholar is an honour so choosing three words is extremely difficult.

What is your your proudest achievement since you started as a Scholar in 2016?

Oh that’s a hard one, I’ve had so many!! Like achieving my grades, being in a big orchestra and building my confidence. I have also been so lucky in that I’ve been able to attend so many playing days which always leave me absolutely exhilarated afterwards and brimming with confidence. I was even lucky enough to attend Britain’s Got Talent and met Simon Cowell and his wife and David Walliams which was just amazing! And I absolutely loved the sessions with Nicola Benedetti, she really is truly inspirational!

How have you found learning during the pandemic? Have you enjoyed having online lessons?

To be honest, I do enjoy online lessons but nothing can beat being in an orchestra. But I think any type of learning is fun so I really don’t mind that much, and my teacher is fantastic and really engaging and entertaining so I really enjoy and look forward to my lessons. I’ve also loved playing in the garden during the pandemic, we're growing lots of fruit and vegetables and have planted a flower bed so it’s really nice being surrounded by nature whilst practising my scales and pieces.

What advice would you give to a young musician at the beginning of their scholarship?

I would say relax, take notes if possible, take pride in the music you play, ask questions and go to all the Playing Days!!! (Trust me they really help in making you the best you can be.) And more than anything just enjoy the music! It can take you wherever you want to go in life, whether it’s a hobby or a career choice...give it your all and enjoy the music.