Luke from Sutton is our March Scholar of the Month

Luke continues to be an exemplary LMF Scholar, and he is preparing to take his Grade 5 Trombone this term, which at the age of just 10 is incredibly impressive. As well as practising hard for this, Luke is attending Theory lessons and has recently started singing lessons too, both of which his teacher tells us are having a huge impact on his musicianship. We are also delighted that Luke’s extraordinary talent for music is having knock-on effects more widely, boosting his confidence academically and socially at school. Luke’s teacher wrote:

“Luke is a model student with utter commitment to the cause. Such lofty heights are not achievable at his tender age without a serious work-ethic. He is a highly accomplished player and has made significant progress over the last six months. He is to take the Grade Five Examination in two months and is only ten years old; this on a trombone is a considerable achievement. His attitude and effort are as constant as the Northern Star and he is a model student. Well done, Luke!”

We asked Luke a few questions about his musical journey so far...

Tell us about the highlight(s) of your Scholarship so far:

Playing at the Royal Academy of Music last summer because I've always wanted to play there. We worked with the Composer on a piece of music that nobody had played before. I loved doing the improvisation and making it all sound mysterious. For the performance we were all able to play together and make a big beautiful sound. The audience loved it.

What music do you like to play the most?

Mars, from the Planets Suite by Gustav Holst because sounds really dramatic, enthralling, but scary, like a war is coming.

Do you have a musical role model, or someone who inspires you?

My musical role model is my big brother Tom, who has achieved a lot in music in just a few years and he shows if you practice you can achieve a lot. I also find the trombone players from Sutton Youth Symphony Orchestra inspiring because they work together to make a big beautiful sound.

What advice would you give to our new trombone Scholars?

Always try hard. If you are struggling to play something, don't hide that you are struggling, ask someone to help you. All the tutors are very helpful. Being a LMF Scholar opens doors to amazing opportunities, seize them, work hard and have fun! Believe to achieve!