Entiola from Barnet is our February Scholar of the month

9 year old Entiola is in the first year of her Scholarship and has been working really hard on her violin studies. She is currently working towards her Grade 2 exam and, according to her teacher, Entiola's sight reading is very impressive. In her recent mid-year report we were pleased to read that Entiola has been working on composing her own melodies as well as taking part in lots of performances. In April 2020 she will be performing at the Royal Albert Hall which is very exciting! We were delighted to welcome Entiola to our first Playing Day of the academic year in November and look forward to seeing her at many more over the next four years. Keep up the fantastic work!

Entiola with Julian Bliss at Awards Day, 2019

We asked Entiola some questions about her time as a Scholar so far...

Why did you decide to play the violin?

I decided to play the violin because when musicians play pieces of music, the melody sounds very nice and it just inspired me to become a violinist.

Have you had any cool musical experiences?

Yes I have had many musical experiences. Some are when I had my scholar Award Ceremony, did my grade exam and going to concerts.

What is your favourite thing to play on the violin?

My favourite pieces I like to play on the violin are Minuet in G by Christian Petzold and Frère Jacques.

Did you enjoy your first London Music Fund Playing Day in November? What did you learn?

Yes, I was happy to take part in the London Music Fund playing day in November. In that day, I learnt how to do my F natural on the D String. Also, I learnt how to compose music using lots of rhythms and beats.

Do you have a musical role-model, or is there a famous musician who inspires you?

My musical role model is my sister because she was the one who inspired me to start violin.

What are you most looking forward to about being a Scholar over the next few years?

I am looking forward to more playing days and doing my following grades.