Ellie from Wandsworth is our November Scholar of the Month

11 year old Ellie from Wandsworth is in the second year of her Scholarship and is making amazing progress on the electric guitar. She is a hardworking and dedicated student and really makes the most of every opportunity. She has been to several LMF Playing Days this year and has taken part in numerous performances all over London. Ellie is also a budding singer!


Ellie at our 2019 Gala at the Royal Academy of Music

We asked Ellie about her musical journey so far...

Why did you decide to play the guitar?

In Year 3, all of the pupils had to pick an instrument to play. My first choice was the drums and second was the guitar. I didn't get my first choice and I was very disappointed. When I told my Mum she said that my grandfather would be proud and it was blessing that I was playing the guitar. I never imagine how much my life has changed. I started playing the acoustic guitar and now I'm a pink electric guitarist. After two years, I have passed 4 Rock School exams with Merits and distinctions. I love it. My next ambition is to start playing the piano.

Has your music taken you to some cool places? If so, where?

The fantastic Royal Academy of Music, The Royal Albert Hall, The Royal Festival Hall, Morley College, Rudolf Steiner House, Southwark Cathedral and I will be going to The Hideaway in 2020.

What music do you like playing the most?

Rock music.

If you could perform alongside someone famous who would it be? Or what musician do you look up to?

If Kurt Cobain was alive it would definitely be him. His music is amazing.

Has the Scholarship enabled you to have new opportunities?

I am one of the lead singers and guitarist as part of a band at the Wandsworth Music Academy.

What advice would you give Scholars who will be starting their Scholarship in September?

Being a Scholar requires effort, perseverance and motivation. You will only get where you want to be if you try your absolute best!


Ellie at our 2019 Gala at the Royal Academy of Music