Jayleen from Newham is our October Scholar of the Month

10 year old cellist Jayleen from Newham is one of our brand new Scholars. We asked her a few questions about her musical journey so far and how she feels now that she is a London Music Fund Scholar, and you can read her answers below.

Jayleen and the rest of the new cohort were awarded with their Scholarships at our Awards Day here at City Hall on 30 September. Jayleen had a fantastic time, and told us at the end of the day: “I am really excited about the Scholarship because I can have more fun! This makes me feel as happy as anything in the world! When I got the Scholarship my friends started jumping around when I told them.”

Jayleen is just one of 60 amazingly talented new Scholars – we look forward to sharing more of their stories over the next four years! 

Jayleen at our Awards Day

Why did you decide to play the cello? What do you like most about it?

I decided to play the cello because not many people play this instrument. I like the unique sounds it makes because sometimes it sounds funny.

How did you feel when you found out you were going to be a London Music Fund Scholar?

When I heard that I received the scholarship I felt very special because my head teacher announced it to the whole school and told me I was one of the three from Newham who got the scholarship.

What are you most excited about now that you are a Scholar?

I’m most excited about the concerts and the new music because you don’t know where you’re going next or what you are going to play next.

What was your favourite thing about Scholars’ Awards Day?

My favourite part was the different music I played because it had various skills in it.

What is your musical ambition? Is there a certain piece you’d like to be able to play, or a famous person you’d love to perform alongside?

My musical ambition is to be very high level in cello, piano and digital music and be famous for it. A certain piece I like to play would be a very challenging and familiar song like Alone by Alan Walker or Faded by Alan Walker. The famous person I would love to play along with would be DJ Marshmello or Alan Walker.


Click the link below to watch this lovely memento of Jayleen’s experience of Awards Day – thanks to her parents for putting this video together and for sharing it with us!

Awards Day 2019 – Jayleen’s Video