Sophia from the Barnet Education Arts Trust is our May Scholar of the Month

Sophia is in the penultimate year of her Scholarship and is continuing to make excellent progress on the trombone. She is enjoying playing in the Junior Band at Hendon Music Centre, and recently took both Grade 3 and the Gold Music Medal exam. Her teacher told us that she is an outstanding student and a natural musician, and that her tone and technique have developed rapidly due to regular dedicated practice. In addition to her fantastic progress on the trombone, Sophia has achieved grade 2 clarinet.

We are delighted that Sophia's Scholarship has enabled her to develop and enrich her musical learning. We look forward to seeing what she will achieve next!

 Sophia at our 2017 Playing Day


Read our Q&A with Sophia below...

Why did you decide to play the trombone?

I always loved music. After playing the recorder and doing some other musical activities for children aged 4-7, I wanted to play an instrument. The trombone stood out to me because of the slide, the size and the sound! I loved it and I wanted to continue playing it. My great teacher always encouraged me to carry on and have fun.

Has your music taken you to some cool places? Is so, where?

Not everyone would find this interesting but I’ve performed in concerts at my local music centre with my band and also did a solo at my school. I also played in different places in London as a part of playing days!

What music do you like playing the most?

There is no particular music that I like playing the most but if I had to choose I would say jazz. It’s really upbeat and catchy. I also enjoy playing film themes, especially when people start to hum along.

If you could perform alongside someone famous who would itbe?

I would perform with Imagine Dragons and add a bass line to some songs.

Has the Scholarship enabled you to have new opportunities?

I have been able to have 1 to 1 trombone lessons with my teacher, Sylvia Pullen, play in a band at my local music centre and also go to all of the arranged Playing days.

What advice would you give Scholars who are starting a Scholarship this year?

Believe in yourself! You have been especially chosen for this amazing opportunity so enjoy every moment of it. Come to the playing days if you can as well because you get a great feeling at the end of the day when you hear that you can play a new piece. It makes you feel proud. Overall, the 4 years of the scholarship are great so don’t worry! ♫