Ali from Hounslow Music Service is our January Scholar of the Month

Ali from Hounslow has shown fantastic dedication to his clarinet studies since starting his Scholarship in 2015. He plays very well, bringing out the character of pieces by accentuating dynamics and articulation. Ali enjoys taking part in concerts to showcase his skills; recently he played at Hammersmith Town Hall. Ali's Music Service Mentor told us that "Ali is a reliable and dedicated member of Hounslow Junior Wind Band and regularly plays in end of term concerts with the group". We are very proud of all that Ali has achieved during his Scholarship and look forward to keeping in touch with him after he graduates in the summer.

Ali at his Awards Day with Yolanda Brown in 2015


Read our Q&A with Ali below...

Why did you decide to play the clarinet?

I always loved music. At my primary school we played on the clarinet and I loved it very much. I really enjoyed it.

Has your music taken you to some cool places? Is so, were?

I went to the Royal Albert Hall to listen to and see an orchestra and I really found it interesting because they played lots of classic music. 

What music do you like playing the most? 

I love playing and listening the most to classical music. Classical music makes me calm down and be peaceful.

If you could perform alongside someone famous who would it be?

If I could really perform with a famous musician it would be a French clarinettist Paul Meyer. I would love to play with Paul Meyer because he knows how to play Mozart Clarinet Concerto K.622.

Has the Scholarship enabled you to have new opportunities?

Of course it did. I can do what I love the most. Mainly I play and learn music with other students. In the future I want to be a musician and the Scholarship is the path to my dreams.

What advice would you give Scholars who have just started their Scholarship?

If you have a Scholarship it means you are talented and you should keep on practising and working hard to be better.

Ali was recently featured in our Autumn/Winter issue of Tempo. Read his story here