Tyrone from Newham Music Hub is our June Scholar of the Month

11 year old Tyrone has made incredible progress since starting his Scholarship in September 2017. He is playing cello at grade 8 level after just over two years of learning, and has a place at the Royal College of Music Junior Department. Recently he gave a fantastic speech at our fundraising lunch with the Mayor of London and received a well-deserved standing ovation! This month we're celebrating Tyrone's achievements and are delighted to be sharing his Q&A with you. 

Tyrone's mother also gave a wonderful speech at our lunch and said: "I hope that everybody gets to know about the London Music Fund and what they do. It's a truly amazing program. They are one of the main contributing factors that allows Tyrone to succeed and reach for his dreams"


Read our Q&A with Tyrone below...

Why did you decide to play the cello?

I wanted to play the cello from the first time I heard my cousin play it. It sounded so beautiful and I fell in love with the instrument.

Has your instrument taken you to some cool places? If so where?

The coolest place I've been to with my cello is probably Abbey Road Studios. My orchestra and I recorded there and it was so cool to be at the same place that the Beatles, Adele and Rihanna have recorded at. A famous cellist called Pablo Casals also recorded there.

If you could perform with a famous musician who would it be? Or what musician do you look up to?

I'd love to perform with Yoyo Ma. He's an absolute legend and I think I'd like to play with Sheku Kanneh-Mason. He's a really talented and inspirational player.

Has the scholarship enabled you to have many opportunities?

The scholarship has offered me many tickets to watch performances and workshops. Recently I had the honour of meeting with Mayor Sadiq Khan.

What advice would you give to new scholars who have just started their scholarship?

I would advice them to make the most of this opportunity, embrace the experience, work hard and enjoy the music.




You can read Tyrone's full speech here: https://www.londonmusicfund.org/articles/2018/06/01/tyrone-musngis-speech-2018-mayors-lunch