Christopher from Harrow Music Service is our February Scholar of the Month

12 year old Christopher from Harrow is a passionate drummer who thoroughly enjoys getting involved in a wide variety of music. Prior to starting his Scholarship Christopher's drum teacher told us that he "is a very gifted player with a completely unique and intuitive approach to the drums". In the last academic year Christopher took part in several exciting performances with a soul band, junior orchestra and electric guitar group. Christopher's Mentor told said that he "has an excellent ear for music and picks things up very quickly and likes to improvise on all his instruments."

Read our Q&A with Christopher below...

Why did you decide to play the drums?

I decided to play drums because I have always liked playing the drums especially in church, when I play the drums I have always felt in a zone where I feel free almost and it has always has been an important part of me.

Has your music taken you to some cool places? If so, where?

I have been to  a few concerts with junior soul and general concerts and my church concerts.

What music do you like playing the most?

I like to play gospel.

If you could perform alongside someone famous who would it be? Or what musician do you look up to?

If I could play alongside anyone it would probably be probably be Travis Green or Shawn Mitchell.

Has the Scholarship enabled you to have new opportunities?

It has allowed me to like learn other musical instruments such as the bass guitar and the piano.

What advice would you give scholars who have just started their scholarship?

The advice I would give to a person who has just started this scholarship is that I would tell them what you can do with it and tell them the opportunities you have with it.